Josh Hopkins on Ellen: He’s Always Been This Sexy

Josh Hopkins on Ellen: He’s Always Been This Sexy

When Josh Hopkins danced his way on to the Ellen show today, the host told him she was excited to have heard he had his own break dance crew in school. “Yes, in Lexington, Kentucky, nonetheless,” he answered. “The Fun Bunch. Undefeated…Because there’s no other break dancing crews in Kentucky. There were five of us. I was Party Train.”

Ellen congratulated him on going from the Fun Bunch, to one of the Men of the Year in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. “It’s about time,” he joked. “I don’t know what took so long. I’ve always been this sexy. And they just saw it.”

HAS Josh Hopkins always been this sexy? Ace archives photo: 1991. You be the judge.

Asked whether the rumors are true that he’s dating Cougar Town co-star Courtney Cox, he says no, but adds, “my poor father in Kentucky… I’m 42 years old, and never been married nor even engaged. So my father wants this to be real so badly.”

The good news, Ellen points out, is this means he’s single, despite being “charming, talented, successful, you have a dog, and the way you have your dog is even more impressive. You rescued a dog. Tell people how you came across this dog.”

Having had German Shepherds growing up, he went to a German Shepherd Rescue (West Side German Shepherd Rescue) to volunteer, to walk dogs. “And then I walked in and he was just sitting there, kinda like ‘I know youuuuuu.’ So I took him home.”

He then advises Ellen viewers if they’re trying to decide between skydiving and bungee jumping, go with the skydiving, which he’s tried four times now. (This surely means he should guest in the Bluegrass Conspiracy-inspired arc of Justified Season 4.)

As all guests are expected to bring Ellen a birthday gift, he says, “I know we drink a lot of wine on Cougar Town, but being from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I decided to change it up a little bit, and bring you some of our fine bourbon,” presenting a giant bottle of Woodford Reserve, engraved with the Ellen logo.

“Is this a normal sized bottle?” she asked. “This must be some special thing. Super sized?”

“In Kentucky, that’s normal,” he said. “In Kentucky, that’s breakfast.