The Blinding Nemo: Nemo Winter Storm cocktails and drinking games

The Blinding Nemo: Nemo Winter Storm cocktails and drinking games

“There’s a Snowicane coming. According to the National Weather Service you should, and I quote: ‘leave work; get in your purple Bentley; and be home with your sharks before the Tri State area gets slammed by what is being called: Snowicane, White Lady Name, Like Dorva…or something!”

–Al Roker, 30 Rock series finale

Winter Storm Nemo is barreling through the northeast corridor bringing freezing rain, high winds, sleet, and snow. During Fashion Week no less. It’s almost like a Snowicane.

Of course, all necessary precautions for safety and shelter should be taken, but what then?

One thing is for certain: one of the few good things about a winter storm is a good winter storm cocktail, and even better, a winter storm drinking game to responsibly while away the hours when no one can drive anyway.

You won’t want to venture out for provisions to all the stores that were deforested of bread and milk days ago, so you need a cocktail that’s easily assembled from ingredients you’ll obviously have on-hand.

It’s time to take a few cocktail cues from our Boston Irish friends who greet all winter storms and blizzards with, “it’s only a snowflake. These drinks are easily assembled from “staples” in any northeastern cupboard.
The Blinding Nemo

Get out your thermos and add:

3 parts coffee

1 part Irish Whiskey

1 part heavy whipping cream

Brown sugar to taste

Stir and serve with the Dunkin Donuts you picked up at the drive-thru on the way home.

If you are celebrating Fashion Week and drinking this in Manhattan, froth some Lite skim soy instead of cream; substitute Sensa for the brown sugar; pour all that down the sink, and just drink the Irish Whiskey straight out of the bottle while wearing your Anna Wintour sunglasses.

If you would like some entertainment for easily-bored guests, this is a cocktail option for hosts who don’t mind offending anyone.

The (Boston) Irish Car Bomb

1/2 pint Guinness Stout

1/2 shot Irish Whiskey

1/2 shot Irish cream liqueur (like Bailey’s)

Add the Bailey’s and the whiskey to a shot glass (Bailey’s on the bottom).

Pour the Guinness into a pint glass. After it has settled, drop the shot glass in and consume quickly — otherwise it curdles.
Winter Storm Nemo: The Drinking Game

A few ideas for a drinking game (for those 21 and over, who have responsibly designated a driver, or are wisely staying home):

Take a sip every time…
-you hear ThunderSnow.
-a weatherperson takes out a yardstick or tape measure as a visual aid.
-a weatherperson says “one for the ages” or “storm of the century”
-a governor is quoted saying “stay off the roads.’
-a weather person says “it’s not just a snowstorm.”
-a weather person jovially throws a snowball at a camera person.
-there’s a lingering closeup of a snow plow.
-there’s an instant replay of a vehicle going into an uncontrollable skid.
-time lapse video of weather is shown.
-an anchor says “speaking of snow.”
-a segment is run about Winter Storm Nemo graphics.
-a segment explains STORMCONs.

Take a drink every time…
-any wordplay on ‘Finding Nemo’ is referenced.
-a local or national segment is filmed in front of giant piles of salt or sand.
-an anchor recommends a warm beverage (“stay inside with your coffee…cocoa…hot cider, folks!”)
-there is an explanation of why Winter Storms are named now.
-there is an explanation of how naming Storms can mess with your insurance.
-the word “Megalopolis” is used to describe a northeastern corridor.

Switch immediately to hot coffee if…
-Jim Cantore or Al Roker shows up in your zip code.

Chug when…
-Pat Robertson releases his statement on who is to blame for the storm.
-President Obama is blamed for the storm.