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Next Great Baker Contestant Gretel Ann closes bakery

Season Three Next Great Baker contestant Gretel Ann announced on the Cupp’s Cafe and Bakery facebook page this past Friday that the next day would be the Bakery’s last day.

“It is with great sadness in our hearts that Brian and I have to tell you that after years if trying we have come to the hard decision that it is time to close the bakery. Tomorrow will be our last day open….Thank you for allowing us for a short time to love our dream. Most of all thank you to all of our amazing employees we love you all dearly. Please stop in in the morning to go out with a bang and send us to a new adventure. Much love and gratitude to all of you.”

Gretel-Ann made it as far as the Vegas finale of the TLC baking competition, which aired on February 12, 2013, but was beaten by Louisville baker Ashley Holt in the final round.

The controversial finale showed her hiding sheet pans and turning up the temps on competitors’ ovens, though she later told local news outlets that she was edited to be the season’s villain.

In the finale, she told cameras, “being selfish is not always a bad thing…I had to do what I had to do. It’s not because I’m this evil, conniving bitch. I have this bakery at home that struggles every day. If we have to close it, that financial burden that’s going to be put on my husband’s and my head is unfathomable. Ashley’s young. She doesn’t have as much riding on this as me. It’s not that she doesn’t deserve to win. I just deserve it more.”

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