Ace Picks: Lexington KY Calendar June 20 thru June 26, 2013

Ace Picks: Lexington KY Calendar June 20 thru June 26, 2013


Welcome to this week’s Ace Picks Calendar for Lexington, Kentucky — Ace’s highly curated and selective to do list for the next eight days in the bluegrass (also delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning via the Ace e-dition click here to subscribe.)

THURSDAY June 20, 2013

Click for Ace’s behind the scenes story on Red River Moon.

Kentucky-made movie, Red River Moon, is premiering at the Kentucky Theatre.  Read an Ace article about its production here. After party is at Natasha’s.

Tonight’s Thursday Night Live is The Twiggenbury’s at Cheapside.

FRIDAY June 21, 2013

Cosmic is holding its 8th annual skateboard competition at Woodland Park.

Tonight is Gallery Hop downtown Lexington. While you’re out, stop by the Maserati Mingle at the Courthouse Plaza and the Bluegrass Pride Rainbarrel Reception at Cheapside Pavilion.

Then swing by Ace’s first Front Porch Friday of Summer 2013 Constitution (just off North Limestone) for some barbecue sliders by our food truckin’ friends at Bradford BBQ and a cold Ale 8! It will be a Kentucky Proud Summer Solstice on Ace’s front porch of freedom.

If you’re planning to see Buddy Guy at the Lexington Opera House, call ahead, last we heard it may be sold out.

SATURDAY June 22, 2013

“Summer’s Best Party,” the Ashland Lawn Party, is today at the Henry Clay Estate with cocktails, live jazz, tours and more.

Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival features over 100 artists, shopping, food, live music, interactive art, and activities for kids at Equus Run Vineyards.

Today’s road trip recommendation is  Son Volt playing in Newport at Southgate House.

SUNDAY June 23, 2013

The Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival wraps up today.

Ray Wylie Hubbard plays tonight at Willie’s.

MONDAY June 24, 2013

Tonight’s Woodsongs is Hey Marseilles and Tommy Malone at the Lyric Theatre.

The Central Library is showing The Royal Tenenbaums as part of the Wes Anderson producer series.

TUESDAY June 25, 2013

Tonight’s Southland Jamboree features Mountain Connection.

Tim Lake and the Blue Jazz Persuaders are playing as tonight’s Big Band and Jazz Series at Moondance.

Genetic Roulette, a documentary that may just change your diet, is showing at the Lexington Public Library.

WEDNESDAY June 26, 2013

 An Affair to Remember is tonight’s installment of the Summer Movie Classics at the Kentucky Theatre.

Tonight’s Red Barn Radio is featuring Empty Bottle String Band at ArtsPlace.

At 8 pm, the sixth year of the best poetry around will feature the debuts of Tasha Cotter and Sean Patrick Hill as a part of the Holler Poets Series.

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Lexington, Kentucky Music Listings
June 20 – June 26, 2013

THURSDAY (June 20)
For September| Copper Into Steel 9 pm Al’s Bar
Avery Crabtree 
7 pm Austin City Saloon 
This Season’s Color| Beth Current 
9 pm Buster’s
Scott Miller| Egon Danielson 
10 pm Cosmic Charlie’s
The Delphines| All American Werewolves| Jivehounds 
10 pm Green Lantern
Jon Curtis 
Henry Clay’s Public House
Jon Russell 
Ben Lacy and Alan McKenzie 
8 pm JDI
Kiya Heartwood 
8 pm Natasha’s
 8 pm Parlay Social
Drew & HGH Band 
8 pm Paulie’s Toasted Barrel
Kentucky Hoss Cats 
7 pm Willie’s

FRIDAY (June 21)
The KillTones| Mammoth Indigo 9 pm Al’s Bar
Arizona Bay (Tool tribute) Buster’s
Jonathan Richman 8 pm Cosmic Charlie’s
Jivehounds| Deezen 10 pm Green Lantern
Sterling Rose Henry Clay’s Public House
Hashtag 10 pm JDI
Buddy Guy 7:30 pm Lexington Opera House
SylVic and the Mockingbirds 9 pm Natasha’s (Komen benefit)
Holdin Horses 8 pm Paulie’s Toasted Barrel
NewTown| Bluegrass Collective 7 pm Willie’s

SATURDAY (June 22)
Onward Pilgrim|Ancient Warfare|Benanthrope 9 pm Al’s Bar
Hard Sunday 9 pm Buster’s
Reva Williams| Fair Fjola, Equus Run
Dumbell| Vibrolas| City Mouse| Thelma and the Sleaze 9 pm Green Lantern
Eldon Huff Band Chris Campbell Band Henry Clay Public House
C2 & the Brother Reed 10 pm JDI
Anthony Smith 8 pm Natasha’s
Radio 80 9 pm O’Neill’s
The Other Brothers 10 pm Parlay Social
Ben Lacy 6 pm Patchen Pub (patio)
Son Volt  Southgate House (northern Kentucky)
Deadstring Brothers 8 pm Willie’s

SUNDAY (June 23)
The Railroad Reunion Bluegrass Band 4 pm O’Neills
Ray Wylie Hubbard 8 pm Willie’s

MONDAY (June 24)
Stationery Set| The Foxery 9 pm Al’s Bar
Hey Marseilles|Tommy Malone Woodsongs, Lyric Theatre

TUESDAY (June 25)
Dirty Dozen Brass Band 9 pm Cosmic Charlie’s
The New Now 8 pm Natasha’s
Mountain Connection 7 pm Southland Jamboree
Tim Lake & the Blue Jazz Persuaders Big Band|Jazz, 7 pm Moondance
Northside Sheiks 7 pm Willie’s

Andy D | Yip Deceiver 10 pm Cosmic Charlie’s
Osland/Dailey Jazz 9 pm Natasha’s
Empty Bottle String Band 7 pm Red Barn Radio, ArtsPlace
10 String Symphony| Town Mountain 7 pm Willie’s 

Al`s Bar 601 Limestone St 859.252.9104
ArtsPlace 161 N. Mill Street
Atomic Café 265 Limestone St. 859-254-1969
Austin City Saloon 2350 Woodhill Drive 859.266.6891
Bar Lexington: 373 East Main St. 859-523-7694
Bigg Blue Martini 369 W. Vine St. 859.231.9000
Black Box Theater 141 E. Main St. 859.225.0370
Bogart`s at Crowne Plaza 1375 S. Broadway 859.255.4281
Buster`s Billiards & Backroom 899 Manchester St. 859.368.8871
Campus Pub 393 Waller Ave 859.231.0957
The Cellar 3256 Lansdowne Drive 859.317.8301
Cheapside 131 Cheapside 859.254.0046
Chevy Chase Inn 833 East Euclid Ave. 859.266.9422
Common Grounds 343 E. High St. 859.233.9761
Coffee Times Coffee House: 2571 Regency Rd.
Cosmic Charlie`s 388 Woodland Ave. 859.309.9499
Giuseppe`s: 4456 Nicholasville Rd. 859-272-4269
Grapevine 4101 Tates Creek Rd. 859.273.7788
Green Lantern 497 W. Third St. 859.252.9539
Henry Clay’s Public House 112 N. Upper Street
Horse and Barrel at DeSha`s 101 N. Broadway 859.259.3771
Horseshoes Saloon 1987 N. Broadway 859.259.3771
The Julep Cup 111 Woodland Ave 859-226-0300
Kentucky Theatre 214 East Main Street 859.231.6997
Land of Tomorrow 527 E. Third Street
Lynagh`s Irish Pub 384 Woodland Ave. 859.255.1292
Malibu Pub and Grill 239 Surfside Dr. 859.278.9003
Natasha`s 112 Esplanade 859.259.2754
O`Neill`s Irish Pub 2051 Richmond Rd. 859.266.4488
Parlay Social 257 W. Short Street
Paulie’s Toasted Barrell 517 W Main St
Shamrocks Bar and Grill 154 N. Patchen Dr. 859.269.7621
ShowMe’s Restaurant: 1973 Bryant Rd. – 859-317-8625
Southside Pub 3650 Boston Rd. 859.223.4775
Squires Tavern 3429 Buckhorn Dr. 859.317.8887
Tee Dee’s Club 266 E Second St 859.335.8440
Tin Roof 303 S. Limestone St. 859.317.9111
Two Keys Tavern 333 S. Limestone St. 859.254.5000
Vue 201 E. Main Street, 15th Floor
Willie’s Locally Known 805 N. Broadway