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Guidelines for the Ace Eleven Project, Year Three

At 9:10 am and at 9:10 pm on 11.12.13, we Ace_Eleven_Project_LexKY invite Ace readers to stop what they’re doing, for one moment, and take a picture. We have made the same request for the past two years. It’s called  the Ace Eleven Project. We will see you at 9:10, 11.12.13 (am and pm).

For both 2011 (11.11.11) and the sequel, 12.12.12, hundreds of photos were submitted and shared, from pros and amateurs alike, each presenting a unique portrait of Lexington, both individually and in the aggregate. Next year, we will repeat the project one last time (on 12.13.14) and the images will be collected for a larger historic art exhibit as part of Ace’s 25th Anniversary celebrations and shenanigans, designed to collect and reflect on Ace’s 25-year institutional memory of the city of Lexington. So, set your phone alarms now. Where ever you are and whatever you’re doing — sitting in traffic, walking the dog, checking out a band — send us that image. Capture your unique view of Lexington, Kentucky and share it with us. Email us a jpg (acelist at aceweekly.com) and include as much, or as little, of the backstory as you’d like. (Include your name, a title for your photo, and a little bit about yourself, e.g., Is that your neighborhood? Whose dog is that? What is that girl eating?) Submission includes permission for Ace to share your photo online and in print, until the end of time.  We’ll post the photos as they arrive in an Ace gallery, and a sampling will be included in the next print edition. Expect a few calendars, t-shirts, and other fine collectibles along the way. Subscribe to the Ace e-dition  for Ace Daily Photo favorites and more projects like these, delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning. After you’ve emailed your photo, you can also tag us @aceweekly on twitterfacebookpinteresttumblr, or instagram. Your photo may be shared with Ace readers in every possible digital and print format, including those not yet even conceived of, so always be sure to include your name and a photo title.