Where to Vote in Lexington, KY Primary 2014

Where to Vote in Lexington, KY Primary 2014

VOTE_2014Polls will be open 6 am to 6 pm, Primary Election Day, Tuesday May 20, 2014.

If you want to know where to vote in the state of Kentucky, registered voters in Kentucky now can obtain information about their precinct location and legislative districts by using the State Board of Elections Voter Information Center.

In Lexington (Fayette County), click on the Fayette County Clerk‘s site and enter your street number to find your Lexington voting location.

Alcohol sales will not be allowed in Lexington from 6 a.m.-6 p.m., Tuesday, May 20, when polls are open.

democracywhiskeysexyAce-288x300In the 2013 legislative session the state passed a statute allowing local communities to decide whether they want to allow the sale of liquor on Election Day. To make the change the local governing body — in Lexington, the Urban County Council — must repeal the ordinance banning sales.

“It’s too late to make this change for the May 20 primary. Alcohol sales will not be allowed Tuesday when the polls are open,” said Susan Straub, city spokeswoman. “But the Council has time to change it before the November election.” The Council has put the issue into a committee to study it.

To vote in the 2014 primary, citizens must have been registered by April 21, 2014. To vote in the general election on November 4, citizens must register by October 6, 2014.

Lexington Fayette Urban County Council races are:

2nd District
Shevawn Akers
Byron Costner
Michael Stuart

3rd District
Rock Daniels
Chuck Ellinger II
Jake Gibbs

4th District
Julian Beard
Susan Lamb
Barry Saturday
Owen Sutton (withdrawn)

6th District
Angela Evans
Darren Hawkins
Thomas J. Hern
Jon Bush (withdrawn)

8th District
Amy Beasley
Fred Brown
Letonia Jones
Dave Vinson

Council at Large
Shannon Buzard
Bill Cegelka
Ray Debolt
Kenner Pete Dyer
Jon Larson
Richard P. Moloney
Jerry Moody
Steve Kay
Connie Kell
Chris Logan
Don Pratt
Jacob Slaughter
Kevin Stinnett


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