TV: MasterChef Season 5, Episode 5 recap

TV: MasterChef Season 5, Episode 5 recap

MC5_505-Field_0184Last week on MasterChef, Daniel was “a beast with the sugar and the yeast,” but Leslie produced “a box of Malibu sunshine,” and along with Francis L, took the top two spots. Cutter and Courtney missed the mark in their quest for the hole-y grail in Battle Donut, but it was Kira who was sent home.

Tonight, Leslie and Francis L begin as team captains in a Beach Wedding challenge. Leslie selects Christian, Francis B, Tyler, Daniel, Christine, Ahran, and Jordan for his Red Team. Francis L opts for Willie, Courtney, Cutter, Victoria, Elizabeth, Dan Wu, and Elise for his Team Blue. (Spoiler Alerts: Season 5, Episode 5′s winners and losers will be announced in this post.)

They have two hours to create an “upscale ocean fare” menu for the bride and groom’s 120 guests, incorporating a scallops appetizer and a sea bass entree.

The blue team starts off strong while the red team … flounders… under Leslie’s “I don’t want to take control” leadership. “This is embarrassing!” Chef Ramsay yells. “I’ve never led people who don’t want to be led,” is Leslie’s response.

Francis B quickly stages a bloodless coup, telling the camera, “I’m competitive,” and explaining that he once played golf at the professional level.

The bride and the groom are split on the Blue Team’s seared scallops with arugula salad, radish, and pineapple sauce vs the Red Team’s scallops with avocado and pea puree with mango salsa.

On to the entree. The Blue Team serves a sea bass with cauliflower puree, white asparagus, and beurre blanc. The Red Team discovers that their potato side does not work, and has only minutes to conceive and execute a substitute. Tyler is evidently experimenting too much as he preps, prompting Christian to scream, “NO MORE EATING!” They come up two portions short. Blue Team takes the Win. Red Team has to clean up.

Leslie feels “some responsibility,” and begins to apologize to his team for letting them down, but Ahran cuts him off, “You have no communication skills, like, at all.” A heated exchange ensues. Ahran cries. Leslie storms off into the sunset.

Time for the Pressure Test. The Blue Team ascends to the Balcony where they can watch, immune to elimination. One of the nine members of the Red Team is going home. But only three will compete. Chef Ramsay asks him to choose the three: Christian, Daniel, and Ahran. Then the twist. Ramsay says, “it’s not your decision.” The Judges will decide the three, and they want the teammates who performed worst in the beach challenge: Leslie, Jordan, and Francis B. Joe Bastianich tells the remaining team members that they should be “ashamed” of their performance, but they are safe for now.

At last, after weeks of desserts, a savory challenge. Steak Frites. Medium rare. They have 30 minutes and the same ingredients: a New York strip, butter, garlic, thyme, rosemary, fresh parsley, and russet potatoes.

The balcony encourages Francis B (who has started his steak and fries too early) to make a compound butter with the herbs. Leslie is angered, “if I go home over Francis B because of a compound buttah, this’ll be an atrocity.” Courtney admits she’ll do her best to help Francis B “because I don’t like Leslie.” Only Willie dissents. “Team Leslie.”

Chef Ramsay pronounces Leslie’s steak “nailed,” but his fries are “soft, limp…dreadful”

Jordan’s steak has “flavor,” but is not medium rare, while his fries are “flaccid.”

Francis B’s steak also has good flavor, but is medium, not medium rare. Same as Jordan’s. The fries are crispy, except for a few soggy strays.

Leslie is safe, and 19-year-old Jordan is sent home in tears.

MasterChef airs on Fox on Mondays; check local listings, and tune in here for future recaps.

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