When Does School Start, Lexington 2014?

When Does School Start, Lexington 2014?

WHEN DOES SCHOOL START? Lexington, Kentucky Back-to-School schedule for Fayette County schools, and college campuses.

Little Kids

backtoschool_ACEWEEKLYAugust 13 is the first day of classes for Fayette County’s public schools and many bluegrass area private schools including: Lexington Catholic, Bluegrass Baptist School, Trinity Christian Academy, Christ The King School, Seton Catholic School, Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary and Lexington Christian. Lexington Universal Academy opens on August 14. Sayre School opens on August 19, and the first full day of classes for The Lexington School is August 21.

The first 16th District PTA Roundtable meeting will be at 11:30 a.m. August 21. This event will recur the third Thursday of every month at the IAKSS Downtown Campus at 701 E. Main St.

The city has designated days for open houses for elementary, middle and high school students. (However, schools can choose another day if they wish.) Open house for middle school is August 5, August 6 for high schools and August 7 for elementary schools.

The application window for gifted-and-talented programs, magnet schools and other specialized programs for the year of 2015-2016 opens August 15 and will close October 7.

Big Kids

p6_campus_backtoschoolAugust 18 classes begin at Eastern Kentucky University.

August 18 classes begin at Midway College.

August 19 is first day of class at Georgetown College.

August 20 classes begin at Berea College.

August 27 is the first day of classes at University of Kentucky. (August 22-30 – Friday through Saturday – K week for all new undergraduate students.)

September 2 classes begin at Centre College.

September 2 classes begin at Transylvania.