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How to get a Luke Bryan Farm Tour refund in Lexington

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 7.17.08 PMNot everybody who had a ticket made it to the October 6 Luke Bryan Farm Tour at Talon Winery in Lexington. Bottlenecked traffic into Talon on Tates Creek Road stretched, at times, as far as Alumni Drive. The venue turned into roughly a five-hour drive from downtown Lexington.

The show, rained out from its original October 1 date, attracted 20,000 fans to a two-lane road at rush hour —  prompting the City to re-evaluate how it regulates traffic and permits for community events expected to draw such crowds. (The event didn’t require special permitting from LFUCG or a sign off from public safety.)

Bryan delayed his performance to accommodate late arrivals, tweeting:

Angered concertgoers took to social media to express their frustration with concert organizers:

 Transy basketball coach Brian Lane described the traffic situation via imaginative use of emoji:

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones entertained:

Luke Bryan’s website has posted an update:

“Thank you for your patience regarding the Lexington, KY Farm Tour Show. If you were unable to attend the show due to traffic, or your ticket was scanned after 9:30 pm that night, we will be accepting refund requests until Friday, October 16, at 6 pm Central. Please send any requests and inquiries to support@xorbiatickets.com.”


One imaginative fan, Melissa Deaton, posted a parody video, “I Just Want This Night to End” on youtube, writing “This parody was created from mine & other’s experience October 6th 2015 at Lexington Ky’s Talon Winery for the Luke Bryan 2015 Farm Tour concert. 20,000 people tried to make it down a two lane country rd which was literally impossible, resulting in thousands (including me) not making it to the concert at all & thousands of others not getting off the property until 4am in the middle of a work week. Many people walked in the dark for 8 to 10 miles one way to get to the concert.”