How to Pay Parking Tickets in Lexington: Canned Food

How to Pay Parking Tickets in Lexington: Canned Food

Paris_Parks_Free_AceYou can make up for being naughty by being nice this holiday season.

LexPark has re-launched its “Food for Fines” program, which allows you to pay for your parking tickets with canned food instead of cash.

The program, now in its second year, will accept donations from Nov 16 to Dec 18.

As part of the 2015 food drive, parking ticket recipients can bring cans of food into the LexPark office at 122 N. Broadway to pay their citations. Each donation of 10 cans is worth $15 credit toward off paying citations. You may pay for multiple citations at once, even if they are past due.

All donations to LexPark will be given to God’s Pantry Food Bank.

“It’s a great way for citizens to clear their record and help those in need at the same time. We are very excited about this opportunity to give back to our community,” said Parking Authority Executive Director Gary Means.

According to Means, the program received over 6,200 cans of food in 2014 for over 600 citations.

Expired, damaged or opened food donations will not be accepted.

The LexPark office is open Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm.

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