Bill vs Melania, Who’s the better first spouse?

Bill vs Melania, Who’s the better first spouse?

As if choosing the next president wasn’t hard enough, Americans also have to consider if they want a First Lady or a First Man. When it comes time to vote in November, don’t forget when you’re selecting a president, you’re also selecting their spouse.

Americans know what to expect of a president, but what should they expect of a presidential spouse? Will Bill Clinton or Melania Trump meet or change those expectations?

On November 1, The Mary Todd Lincoln House will host “Mrs. Lincoln’s Salon: First Spouse?” to entertain a conversation around these questions. The salon will discuss the role of presidential spouses and include a discussion facilitated by University of Kentucky historians, Dr. Kathi Kern and Dr. Mark Kornbluh.

Known as “Mrs. Lincoln’s Salons,” The Mary Todd Lincoln House created these evening series inspired by the salons Mrs. Lincoln hosted in the White House. At these gatherings, politicians and friends discussed politics, literature, and gossip.

The Mary Todd Lincoln House is the girlhood home of Mrs. Lincoln. In 1977, it opened to the public and became the first historic site restored to honor a first lady. It’s operated by Kentucky Mansions. Preservation Foundation, a private nonprofit which maintains and operates the historic site.

Each installment of “Mrs. Lincoln’s Salons” is held in the parlor of the museum and explores contemporary topics through the lens of history.

The “Mrs. Lincoln’s Salon: First Spouse?” discussion will be held at Mary Todd Lincoln House on Tuesday, November 1 at 7 pm.

$10 members; $20 non-members. Space limited. Reservations recommended.