Lexington Brings Back “Food for Fines” Program

Lexington Brings Back “Food for Fines” Program

After headline-making success, the Lexington Parking Authority (LPA) will bring back the “Food for Fines” program for Lexington.  The program has since spread to several other cities across the country after being nationally-recognized by several news outlets such as the Today Show and NPR.

Through December 16th, 2016 any person can bring ten cans of food and receive $15 off a parking violation issued by the LPA’s LEXPARK program. Those with multiple citations can bring in several sets of cans in order to pay their dues.

In the past two years of “Food for Fines,” LexPark has collected more than 16,000 cans of donated food.

The cans are donated to God’s Pantry Food Bank. Large cans of vegetables and protein-heavy items such as beans, meats, and peanut butter are suggested.

The LEXPARK office is on 122 N. Broadway. Expired, damaged, or opened food donations will not be accepted.

LEXPARK reserves the right to revoke a customer’s participation in this program at any time.