Local Restaurants Reach Kentucky Proud Milestone

Local Restaurants Reach Kentucky Proud Milestone

On Tuesday, May 16, Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles congratulated three Kentucky Proud restaurants for reaching the lifetime cap on state reimbursements for local food purchases through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s “Buy Local” program.

Bluebird Café of Stanford, Ramsey Enterprises Commissary of Lexington, and Windy Corner Market of Lexington were honored for reaching the $36,000 limit.

From left to right: Elizabeth Maggi of Ramsey Enterprises Commissary, Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, Ouita Michel of Windy Corner Market, and William Hawkins of Bluebird Cafe. (Kentucky Department of Agriculture photo)

“These Kentucky businesses are committed to offering their customers the freshest, most nutritious foods while at the same time supporting the local agricultural economy and keeping their food dollars close to home,” Commissioner Quarles said.

Under the Buy Local program, a restaurant or other food service may be reimbursed 15 percent of the cost of eligible Kentucky Proud products up to $12,000 per year, with a lifetime cap of $36,000.

Buy Local was launched in early 2017 to encourage food services to purchase Kentucky Proud foods with direct Kentucky farm impact and raise consumer awareness of the economic importance of supporting family farms and small businesses.

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