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New App to Discover Kentucky Wineries and Breweries

Wine and beer enthusiasts can now explore Kentucky’s best wineries and breweries with the help of the Drink KY smartphone app as they navigate through the state creating their own personal unique wine and beer trail.

The KDA, Kentucky Grape and Wine Council, and the Kentucky Guild of Brewers (KGB) came together to form the app that displays over 60 wineries and over 20 breweries in Kentucky in map and list format, allowing people to explorer big and small wineries that may have yet to catch your eye and popular breweries where Drink KY has a pin for the location, the address, hours and notes take n by other patrons regarding their experience.

“Any more handy and Drink KY would come with a corkscrew,” Agriculture
Commissioner Ryan Quarles said. “Kentucky has dozens of thriving wineries
and breweries that produce a wide variety of styles for every taste. The
Drink KY app is your personal tour guide to these unique destinations.”

In a similar fashion to Untappd and to some degree BeerAdvocate, app users can take and field their own thoughts and reviews when they visit tasting rooms of local wineries and breweries and when they check in, points are earned toward rewards. Seven check-ins to Kentucky wineries are required in order to be eligible for prizes, 10 check-ins are required for breweries. Once you have conquered that adventure, the Drink KY app automatically notifies you regarding your eligibility.

“Whether you’re looking for a semi-sweet Vidal Blanc, a robust Kentucky
stout, or a place to relax with a good drink and good friends, Drink KY is
the only app you need to drink it all in,” said Tyler Madison, the KDA’s
Grape, Wine and Spirits program manager.

To download the Drink KY app for Apple iOS or Android devices, visit your
preferred app store.