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Lexington Mourns the Loss of Mike Gooch

Rest in Peace, Mike Gooch


“I am a complicated person. I take vitamins with Diet Ale 8! I love to do auctions and I love learn!”

—Mike Gooch

Lexington’s real estate community is mourning the sudden passing of auctioneer/realtor and LBAR instructor, Mike Gooch in August.

Friends described him as “a Real Estate Broker, Auctioneer, Instructor, and a cowboy in every sense of the word.”

The following is excerpted from his “Get Gooched” University Vision Statement


“The following is the “Vision Statement” from which I try to live my life. When I get up and read it and live it, My life is immensely — way — better. Do I always hit the mark? Nope! However I can not hit the mark if I don’t aim first! This is how I aim. You are welcome to use it too!!

This is my Vision: To live a happy, a healthy, a positive, a productive, a passionate, and an abundant life.

To be happy first and foremost is for me to live a life in total peace. I enjoy my life and I love everyone and every living creature I encounter. This love is contagious and noticeable. I always show the utmost respect, integrity and honesty in all situations. Seeking first to understand then been understood. I quickly make right any mistake without hesitation…

To be healthy is to be fit. Spiritually Fit, Emotionally and Mentally Fit, Physically Fit, Financially Fit and Verbally Fit. I carefully and intuitively monitor not only what goes into my mind but what comes out of my mouth, never taking for granted the power of words. I do what it takes through prayer, meditation and constant study, not only to joyfully maintain, but to continue sustained growth in all these areas.

To be productive, I eagerly plan my days, my weeks, my months, my years, my life and my dreams, exactly as I want them. I have been created in the image of the greatest of all creators, God. This means, I too am a Creator. I take great joy and care in creating the greatest of all my creations, my life, and it is good! I see and visualize the desired outcomes of my effort and achievements with absolute faith, always with a huge smile on my face.  

Passion! This is truly my gift of “double portion”! No matter what I am doing, an auction, a speech, a class, writing a book, riding a horse, or just living life — my passion is apparent and contagious. Passion is the rocket fuel for being always and forever “Being Gooched” and I am truly thankful for this gift.

Abundance — My cup runneth over in every area of my life. I give thanks to God for this abundance and I always give back that which has been given to me.


—Mike Gooch, August 1, 2017


This article also appears on page 15 of the September 2018 print edition of Ace.

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