What Lexington Needs: from the Ace Archives

What Lexington Needs: from the Ace Archives

Layton Register from 1991

Thirty years ago, Ace began including a regular feature from our readers titled, “What Lexington Needs.” A diverse array of local leaders —  from artists and architects, to bankers and business owners, and elected officials of every stripe and party — participated over the decades.

In honor of our 30th anniversary, we’d like to re-open the forum. Anyone can contribute. Essays are typically 500 words or less, and the most important criteria is that the writer be passionate about what they believe Lexington needs.

There are hundreds of entries in our archives and we’ll be sharing many of them throughout our 30th anniversary year. Below are a few excerpts from the past 30 years to help inspire you to get into the spirit!

In many cases, the needs expressed in these columns have already been spectacularly met — and even exceeded — by Lexington. In others, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


What Lexington Needs: More Bicycle Paths – Layton Register

Lexington needs more bicycle paths and, better yet, greenways. A network of bicycle paths and greenways would make commuting safer for cyclists, help preserve Lexington’s natural beauty and boost the economy… Read More

What Lexington Needs: Preservation of Heritage, Past and Present – Margaret Graves

Lexington needs to preserve the best of its past and appreciate the variety that is present. Lexington needs to acknowledge its international community from all different ethnic backgrounds, religions and geographies… Read More

What Lexington Needs: A Real Good Catalogue -Richard Garrett

I received a catalogue in the mail today. I receive a lot of catalogues. Though I seldom order anything from them, they keep coming. Maybe its because the people that do catalogues know that I’m my mother’s son. She has received and kept every catalogue ever printed and has ordered from most of them… Read More

Jack Pattie from 1991

What Lexington Needs: More Strip Shopping Centers – Jack Pattie

Lexington needs another strip shopping center either on Nicholasville Road or Richmond Road… Read More

What Lexington Needs:  Support for Bluegrass Farmers – Michael J. Greene

What Lexington needs is for people to stop talking about Bluegrass farmland as though it is an open-space museum that ought not to be developed for urban uses and start doing things to help farmers earn enough money to want to keep on farming, including, but not limited to… Read More


Do you have ideas about What Lexington Needs? Share them with the city. Email 500 words or less to acelist at aceweekly dot com. Include a photo and a sentence or two about yourself.