Lexington Community Corrections Has a New Breed of Employee

Lexington Community Corrections Has a New Breed of Employee

Photo courtesy of Lexington Community Corrections social media

What do they mean by “breed”? Who is this new employee? What will be their duty at the Lexington Community Corrections?

Lexington Community Corrections: a dog sitting in front of the capitol building
Photo courtesy of Ozzy’s social media

Lexington Community Corrections is onboarding a new breed of employee to help sniff out illegal narcotics and increase safety at the local jail.

His name is Ozzy and he is a 4-year old Sable Belgium Malinois dog. He was donated to the Community Corrections from the Lexington Police K9 Unit in September of 2018. Ozzy is paired with a fulltime handler, Community Corrections Officer Cody Tingle.

K9 Ozzy and Officer Tingle went through training together and separately. The duo becomes the city’s first and state’s only nationally certified narcotics unit within a corrections facility.

Lexington Community Corrections: a woman and a police officer with a dog
Photo courtesy of Ozzy’s social media

Their main objective is to detect illegal narcotics within and around Lexington’s Community Corrections facility. Ozzy performs inspections that include cell block and facility searches, parking lot sweeps, and checks all incoming mail and packages. His presence will also serve as a preventative measure to deter visitors from bringing in or sending any illegal narcotics to the jail.

Lexington Community Corrections: a dog playing on the grass with a red toy in his mouth
Photo courtesy of Ozzy’s social media

Even though he is an elite-trained animal and enjoys his work, Ozzy also likes to relax and watch TV with Officer Tingle. He really enjoys Milk Bones and ice cream (particularly a vanilla Frosty from Wendy’s). He’s also a sucker for a good belly rub and loves to play fetch.

If you’d love to follow his daily life and see what Ozzy is up to, he has an Instagram. You can keep up with him and Officer Tingle by following @Lexington_K9_Ozzy.



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