New farmers’ market comes to Chevy Chase

New farmers’ market comes to Chevy Chase

By Kristina Rosen

Chevy Chase still doesn’t have a neighborhood grocery store, but every Wednesday morning there’s a convenient way for residents to find fresh and local food products.

Starting May 15, a new farmers’ market will be open on Wednesdays from 7 am to 12:30 pm at Apostles Anglican Church. The church is located across from Cathedral of Christ the King. The new farmers’ market is not affiliated with the farmers’ market on South Ashland, which is open on Sundays.

The residents of Chevy Chase and Ashland have been suffering from the lack of a grocery store since the Kroger on Romany Road closed in 2015. The vacant location was supposed to become another grocery store, but the project was stalled after the building was gutted and the front was demolished.

After Kroger’s closing, there was hope that another neighborhood grocery would find a new home in the empty location. The two closest grocery stores are now the Kroger on Euclid and the one on Chinoe.

Although it’s not a Trader Joe’s or The Fresh Market, the new farmers’ market is a convenient spot for a variety of products. Fresh produce from Flat Creek Organic Farm, mushrooms from Oak Acres, meat from On Tapp Dairy, and cookies and bread made from fresh milk flour by Since Whole Grain.

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