Nate’s Coffee Shop to open location in Lexington

Nate’s Coffee Shop to open location in Lexington

Long popular in the bluegrass, Nate’s Coffee is finally opening a flagship store in Lexington.

The small-batch coffee shop will open at 125 Cheapside in downtown Lexington on June 13.

“It takes a lot of tenacity to pursue your dream, and this has been a dream of mine for as long as most people have known me,” said Polly.

The new shop will feature a full espresso bar and drip coffee. There will also be a slow bar with pour overs, French Press, Aeropress, and more. They will source most of their pastries from Epping’s on Eastside.

General Manager Tommy Rayome says, “I’m so excited to get behind the espresso bar again and connect with customers. I’ve been looking forward to calling a shop my home.”

For seven years Nate’s Coffee has been roasting coffee in shops and restaurants around the Bluegrass. A stand was briefly available inside LaPetite Delicat in the Warehouse Block district.

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