Lockbox Chef preps for Lexington Restaurant Week 2019

Lockbox Chef preps for Lexington Restaurant Week 2019

Behind the Scenes with Chef Cody DeRosett at Lockbox


In this behind the scenes video at 21C’s Lockbox, Chef Cody preps beer-brined catfish with house-made chow chow, one of the dishes he’ll be cooking up for Lexington Restaurant Week

Kentucky native Cody DeRosett was recently featured in the Fridges of Fayette County: A Lexington Chef Series Sequel, a “searing expose” where prominent Lexington chefs share what Lexington needs, and their take on the spirited debate between sweet or savory cornbread.

DeRosett was recently promoted to executive chef at 21c’s Lockbox, after Jonathan Searle returned to Louisville and 21c’s Proof as executive chef. 

I’ve been to other areas, I’m always going to come home and appreciate what we have here.

—Chef Cody DeRosett, Lockbox


The full guide to the 2019 Lexington Restaurant Week can be found here.

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