Donut shop in Lexington to close its doors

Donut shop in Lexington to close its doors

Donut: a plate full of donuts

The Lexington donut shop took to their social media to share the sad news of their closing. Which shop? Where are they located? When will they close?

Donut: a plate full of donutsMetropolitan Donuts and Coffee in Beaumont Center is closing their doors on Saturday, September 28. The shop known for its out of the box flavors opened its doors early 2017.

Even though they will no longer have a store front or creating their crazy concoctions, they will still be supporting Barista Social on Malabu Drive with their coffee and fresh baked goods.

They took to social media to make this announcement and thank their loyal customers for the support they have shown over the years. “We have enjoyed every minute of making donuts and coffee for you over the past few years.”

Donut: screenshop of a facebook post



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