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Kelsey Waldon returns after Railbird, to perform at The Burl

Photo credit Laura E. Partain

If you missed out on Railbird Festival in August, this weekend is your chance to catch one of the acts again. Kelsey Waldon is performing at The Burl while on tour with her newest record White Noise/White Lines.

As a Kentucky native, Waldon described performing at Railbird like a homecoming, but anytime she performs in Kentucky it feels that way. 

Photo credit Laura E. Partain

Waldon has been on tour for about a month now, performing in all types of venues from big, beautiful theatres to dingy rock clubs. She’s been spoiled with performances at the Grand Ole Opry, but for her, it’s not any more notable than performing in smaller venues with more intimate crowds — like The Burl. 

When on tour, Waldon tries to come through and play shows in Kentucky as much as possible, especially at The Burl where she claims everyone there feels like family. 

The Burl is as low key and intimate as a venue can be. It’s a sweaty, special little place, but for Waldon, it’s the real deal. The interactions she has here are what’s unique.

“There’s a special kind of energy. People are standing up right by the stage; there is no separation from you and the crowd. That can be pretty special.”

After years of independent albums, White Noise/White Lines is her first release on a record label, more specifically John Prine’s Oh Boy Records. She claims signing with Prine’s label gave the album the extra push it needed. 

Waldon is most excited to see everyone’s reaction to the album and meet new listeners while on tour. 

Photo credit Laura E. Partain

“The crowd is always what makes it. Comments on social media posts are one thing, but I think it’s about seeing people’s reaction and what the music means to them in real time.”

Although anytime she comes to Kentucky to perform feels like a homecoming, this weekend especially feels like so with her last show of this month’s tour being in Kentucky at The Burl. 

Granted she had more time, she would make a pit stop at the new Apollo Pizza to check out the John Prine mural

Waldon will also be visiting CD Central on Saturday, October 26 at 3 pm for a free, intimate in-store performance and signing of her new album.

Kelsey Waldon is at The Burl (w/ Abby Hamilton & Wayne Graham) on Saturday, October 26 at 9 pm.

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