Breathe in and breathe out, Vitale Buford offers online workshops

Breathe in and breathe out, Vitale Buford offers online workshops

Photo by Megan McCardwell/ Ace


Vitale Buford is an author, international speaker, and thanks to the current pandemic, a recently discovered online mental wellness trainer.

While anticipating the upcoming release of her first novel Addicted to Perfect, Buford has also been offering complimentary online workshops on embracing & navigating change.

In partnership with Women Leading Kentucky, Buford will host an online Mental Wellness Training on Monday, March 30.

Photo by Megan McCardwell/ Ace

“I want to be able to help my community and be of service,” explains Buford. “For me, it’s about providing a service that I am good at.”

As Buford saw anxiety building up within the community, she put together workshops and connection calls. Her workshops are complimentary to businesses and organizations with each one tailored to its specific audience.

Expect to leave this workshop with tools to manage anxiety, as well as actionable items to manage uncertainty that can be used to give hope and momentum. Buford’s weekly connection parties, which differ from her workshops, feature guided meditation, relevant readings, journal prompts and mindfulness techniques.

Interested in a complimentary workshops for your business or organization? She’ll do it.

“I’ve done ten workshops so far and I would love the opportunity to do more.”

Join Vitale Buford for a Mental Wellness Training via ‘Zoom’ on Monday, March 30 at 3 pm. Free to the WLK Community.

Addicted to Perfect releases on Monday, March 30.

Buford will take participants through her three-step process for embracing change: Awareness, Perspective and Action.

For booking inquiries, reach out via email at


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