Daughter’s Southern, a new food truck from former UK basketball head chef

Daughter’s Southern, a new food truck from former UK basketball head chef

Photo credit Marley Johnson

Daughter’s Southern

A new food truck from a former UK basketball head chef


The man behind the food that fueled Kentucky basketball to a championship in 2012 has launched his own food truck.

“One time someone asked me if I won the lottery would I build a restaurant,” Cain continues, “I told them no. I’d take that money and buy the greatest food truck of all time and I would cook whenever I felt like it.”

Photo credit Marley Johnson

Chris Cain is a second-generation chef with experience in corporate-owned restaurants and as the head chef for the UK men’s basketball team.

In 2016, Cain started Daughter’s Southern as a pop-up tent on the side. He gained experience and exposure at breweries and The Night Markets, adding, “The Night Market is really special to me because it’s where I got my start.”

Daughter’s Southern can be described as upscale and approachable Southern food with a barbecue influence. The menu varies, but there is typically one smoked item, one vegetarian option, and a burger available.

We’re talking classic sandwiches with Cain’s personal twist. A PBLT with smoked pork belly and spicy peach mayo on sourdough bread; a smoked turkey sandwich with cranberry bacon onion jam; and one of his favorites, a smoked bologna sandwich with house-made pimento cheese. 

Photo credit Marley Johnson

“Sometimes chefs can come across as arrogant and pushy, but I want everything to be approachable. To me, a bologna sandwich is as approachable as it gets.” He continues, “But it’s good. It’s good food.”

After several years at the University of Kentucky, Cain took on a new job with FoodChain, adding “I loved that job–the work they’re doing there is truly amazing.”

He was the Food Safety Job Training Program Director for FoodChain, which included the responsibility of preparing trainees to work in the industry and helping them find work once the eight week program ended.

Photo credit Marley Johnson

Although Cain is no longer at FoodChain, he still purchases a lot of his goods from them and hopes that some trainees will come work on his truck once they finish the program. 

Daughter’s Southern recently hosted their first event at The Garage with plans to return there in April. Expect to see Cain and his bright blue truck at music series and night markets in the upcoming months.


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