Bazaar Eatery opens within Ethereal Brewing amidst the pandemic

Bazaar Eatery opens within Ethereal Brewing amidst the pandemic


Is there a better time to launch a new restaurant than amid a global pandemic? Probably, but that didn’t stop Bazaar Eatery from doing so.

From the people who brought you Gringos Food Truck, along with two former employees of Crank & Boom Ice Cream, comes Lexington’s latest food concept inside the new Ethereal Brewing on Vine Street. 

Last summer, Ethereal Brewing bought a building on West Vine with plans to open a second location with a restaurant inside. The brewery approached Abdallah Hmoud and Seneca Holden of Crank & Boom to provide the food service within the new space. Hmoud and Holden then asked Mitch Boggs and Justin Whittingham of Gringos Food Truck to join them; knowing that Gringos was looking to transition their food truck concept into a more permanent location.

Gringos Food Truck launched three years ago and found a name for itself throughout the Lexington bar scene, but that was only the start. Bazaar Eatery takes the same dishes you loved from Gringos and adds, you guessed it, a bizarre twist.

Have you ever had a Falafel taco with a side of fries? Now you can. The menu features unique tacos like hibachi, falafel with hummus, teriyaki chicken, and the Lexington staple Gringo taco. Burritos and quesadillas take inspiration from burgers while there’s still a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Sides include nachos with an intense amount of toppings and perfectly fried fries to supplement your meal.

Bazaar Eatery opened for takeout on Monday, April 13, about four weeks after the temporary shutdown of in-person dining at restaurants.

With opening a new food concept during a pandemic, Whittingham admits it’s been interesting, specifically the social dynamic of the situation.

“People have been excited to see Gringos grow into something else in a more permanent location,” says Whittingham. “We don’t have that grand opening feeling yet, but we will.”

Launching this new food concept during a pandemic has turned out to be an easy transition from a food truck, since it’s a similar process of having people walk up and order for carryout.

“We’ve been able to showcase and put focus on our food since it’s the only thing that people can speak about. The lasting impact we want to have is that the food is great.” 

Bazaar Eatery is located at 102 W Vine St.  Open Monday through Saturday, 11 am to 9 pm for takeout, and closed on Sunday.


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