Lexington’s recycling center closing for weeks

Lexington’s recycling center closing for weeks

Lexington Recycling Center

Beginning Monday, April 13, the recycling center in Lexington will shut down and residential and business collection of recyclables will be suspended for several weeks.

The reason for the shut down?

A shaft that moves recyclables for sorting broke down Tuesday, April 7. Unfortunately, the company that makes these parts has been shut down for at least three weeks due to COVID-19.

“Over the past year we have been making long overdue improvements to the equipment at the recycling center,” said Nancy Albright, Lexington’s Commissioner of Environmental Quality and Public Work. “This equipment was scheduled to be overhauled.”

However, residents can still recycle their clean paper (newspapers, office paper, paper mail, magazines, catalogs). Those can be placed in the large yellow bins that are located throughout Lexington.



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