Message from Lexington doctor’s wife: Stay Home

Message from Lexington doctor’s wife: Stay Home

Message from Lexington doctor’s wife: Stay Home

By Brooke Smith 

This is a mask our dear friend’s mother sent for Kevin. He is feeling the support of friends and family who are scrambling and sending over what masks they have access to, because they get it. They want him to be safe. We all do.

I post this to say ‘thank you’ to everyone contacting us to check in. We are healthy and staying safe. But I am scared.

And I don’t want your Bible verse or your meme or your thoughts or prayers or whatever. I want you to stay in your house.

I’m finding it harder to be on social media seeing those who don’t take this pandemic seriously, who feel unaffected and annoyed — who continue to play in parks and on beaches and at parties. 

I hope none of you are ill. I hope everyone I know and beyond stays safe. I hope this is over soon. Mostly I hope the selfish actions of others don’t have a butterfly effect and kill someone I love.

I hope my husband doesn’t become ill while he’s treating COVID patients. I hope my kids don’t become ill or depressed. I hope I don’t. I hope my mom doesn’t come into contact with COVID at her rural hospital.

You know who isn’t at a park or a beach or a party or neighborhood play date on his day off? Kevin. Because he’s tirelessly preparing for the worst, as are all his colleagues.

There’s not enough protective equipment, and what exists is not adequate.

So, please, just be mindful of your privilege if you are safe and healthy. 

Please keep your family inside and practice social distancing. 

Please think of healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, techs. Think of the janitors paid minimum wage who have to clean the hospital floors, and stay home.