Pay what you can with Rise Up Pizza

Pay what you can with Rise Up Pizza


Rise Up Pizza said it best: You can put pineapples on pizza because nothing matters anymore.

The Lexington based food truck known for its artisan gourmet pizza introduced a “pay what you can” model amid the quarantine.

“If you’re out of work and wondering if you’ll make it through this, come give me a buck for a pizza and not feel guilty,” says owner Matthew Lyons-Evans. “If you’re in good shape, but want to get some take-out, come give me a bunch of money and I won’t feel guilty about taking it.”

Lyons-Evans doesn’t shy away from his political views and that’s been evident with recent pizza names that take on a comical approach to the current pandemic like Confiscated N95 Masks and Cheese Is For People Who Socially Distance. 

“While my pizza names may be partisan and I am certainly partisan, my pizzas are nonpartisan. You don’t have to agree with me to buy them.”

Matthew Lyons-Evans may be a Lexington transplant, but he is no stranger to the local food scene. He moved here in 2012 from Boston by way of Washington D.C. He was one of the original bakers at National Provisions where he honed his baking skills before taking over the kitchen at The Chase Tap Room. 

When he first arrived in Lexington, Lyons-Evans saw a missing void for good quality pizza. “I figured be the change you want to see.”

Rise Up Pizza launched in March 2017 and has since become a fairly successful food truck in town. Pizzas are normally $9 or $10, but now he asks that you simply pay what you can.

“Some people are out of work and I want to make it clear to them that they have at least one place to go for a good meal without having to cook for themselves or think about it too much.”

Rise Up Pizza is offering takeout at Rockhouse Brewing every Wednesday evening throughout quarantine. Each week features four rotating pizzas including a fancier vegetarian and meat option along with classics like cheese or pepperoni.

Sometimes Lyons-Evans has loaves of his artisan sourdough bread available, which he claims is “perfect for sandwiches, eating with butter, mopping up pasta sauce, french toast, or just slicing up and posting to Instagram like you made it yourself.”

Take and bake frozen pizzas are available for pick up at Arcadium every Friday for the time being.

“I’ve stayed very busy the past few weeks. It turns out people like it when you sell pizza for a dollar.”

Rise Up Pizza is at Rockhouse Brewing every Wednesday from 4 pm to 8 pm. Take and bake frozen pizzas available at Arcadium every Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm throughout quarantine.


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