Art Installed in Lexington’s East End at the Met

Art Installed in Lexington’s East End at the Met

Art Installed in Lexington’s East End at the Met


Lexington’s new MET development at the corner of Midland and Third received its finishing touches last month, including several art pieces that honor the history of the East End neighborhood.

“Ode to the East End,” a poem by Frank X Walker, was installed on a wall facing Midland. In a 2002 Ace essay, Walker described himself as the “self-appointed poet laureate of the projects.”

In 1999, Walker was Ace’s “This Year’s Model” a model citizen making a difference in Lexington. He said at the time — 20 years ago —  “I was kind of like a farmer. There are a lot of things that I was a part of at the genesis. I’m not claiming to be a catalyst… every time something is being born, I seem to be around… like a midwife.”


Keaton Young completed a mural honoring African American jockeys. He says, “The original theme has always remained the same, it was to be a parking mural to incorporate the History of the East End, and lead people to where they could park. During the brainstorming process, the four silks worn by the African American derby winners came into play. While thinking of the way to make the mural flow, water presented itself. Four jockeys riding the waves of history.”


Other pieces to be showcased at The MET include Black and White photographs of East End by Patrick J. Mitchell; a large wooden panel featuring historical and current East End streets by LaVon Williams; a bronze sculpture of Isaac Murphy by Stephen Johnson; East End community welcome sign by Denise Brown and Shauna M. Morgan; sculpture featuring historic East End women by Seth Tuska; and more.



This article also appears on page 14 of the October 2020 print edition of Ace Weekly.

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