Lenley’s Boutique launches online, offering inclusive women’s clothing

Lenley’s Boutique launches online, offering inclusive women’s clothing

Lenley’s Boutique

New online boutique launches with inclusive clothing for women


Inspired by her late father and the desire to make every woman feel confident, Lauren Henley launched her own online boutique.

Henley and her father

Henley’s father, Clarence Henley, owned and operated Henley Welding & Ironworks in Lexington for 30 years before he passed. He worked on many well known projects like City Center, Tates Creek Library, and Frederick Douglass High School.

Henley wanted to start her own business while in college, but her parents wanted her to graduate first. During her last year of college, her father died.

“I still remember that day, down to every detail. No one prepares for something like that. Loss is something that you can’t explain until you go through it. I am so thankful that he was so present in my life. I feel by watching him for 22 years he has prepared me for this next step.”

In a time when many retail businesses have succumbed to a new shopping scene devastated by COVID-19, Henley knew it was the ideal time to finally launch her business. “I feel with things being the way they are that it was the perfect opportunity to offer an online platform for shopping. Most people are doing their shopping online because of the pandemic. So I saw this time as an opportunity for me more than anything else.”

Henley’s main goal with her boutique is to be size inclusive, offering sizes ranging from small to 3x. “Growing up I always struggled finding clothes at local boutiques. It never made sense to me that just because I don’t wear a S-L that I don’t deserve to have cute clothes. All sizes are beautiful and deserve to be represented.”

With a range of sizes available, Henley adds, “Most of my clothing is young contemporary, but I don’t want to put a cap on my demographics. I want everyone to feel included. No matter your age, if you love an item in my store, I want you to wear it like it was made for you.”

With the name “Lenley’s” inspired by her father, Henley adds, “I knew that I needed to make our vision come alive ever since the day he passed.”

She continues, “I wish so much that he was here to share in the excitement. This is all so bittersweet to me. I just hope I am making him proud.”

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