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Lexington band releases new single amid COVID, looks to grow in hometown


Lexington-based band releases new single amid COVID, looks to grow in hometown



If the past few months needed a theme song, ‘Tension of the Season” by RAGS AND RICHES would be a top contender. Born and raised in Lexington, brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt of RAGS AND RICHES released their latest single in October.

Inspiration for the song came from a mixture of COVID and the restrictions that kept them from visiting their grandpa in the hospital post-stroke; a nightmare that has become a reality for most who’ve had to say goodbye to relatives from afar.

“The only way we knew how to express our feelings was to put it in a song, and so it’s a mixture of COVID and to be relatable, but it’s personal for us as well,” says Tanner Whitt. “There were so many unknowns in our life. The words ‘tomorrow’s a brand new day, any second is bound to change’ were more relevant than ever.”

The band, who launched in Lexington in late 2017, spent most of 2019 and early 2020 touring nationally and headlining a tour up until COVID hit. Now the band is hoping to build a bigger following in their hometown and focus on playing more shows in Kentucky.

The inspiration for the name RAGS AND RICHES came while working at Kelly Williamson, a rug shop located off South Broadway behind Country Boy Brewing. “All along we wanted a name that was not only positive, but something that connected people. The deeper meaning behind it all is, whether you come from wealth or poverty, we are one people equal and united,” explains Whitt.

Described as, “adrenalized pop rock,” the music is both relatable and appropriate with a focus on the current climate of life. Whitt adds, “Beyond that, our whole thing is positivity and inspiring a generation of dreamers to chase their dreams and go after our goals. That’s what we’re all about.”

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