What Lexington Needs: Patience, by Councilmember Whitney Elliott Baxter

What Lexington Needs: Patience, by Councilmember Whitney Elliott Baxter

Photo by Megan McCardwell

Over the past three decades, Ace has invited the incoming Mayor and Council to contribute an essay to our “What Lexington Needs” space that began as an Ace tradition in the 80s.

What Lexington Needs: Patience
By incoming 9th District Councilmember Whitney Elliott Baxter

I think we all could agree that 2020 put our patience to the test. Although there were significant struggles throughout the year, several positives revealed themselves. We have realized just how precious quality time with our families can be and discovered new ways to serve our neighbors. With ample time on our hands, we were able to assess where we stand as a society, as well as what we want our futures to look like. We have emerged as a stronger community willing to make necessary changes that will shape Lexington’s future for generations to come.

As we embark on 2021, patience will be a necessity for the many changes Lexington will face. We will have to overcome the financial implications of the pandemic, continue to fight for social and racial equality, and make plans to accommodate our ever-growing city. Lexington is experiencing growing pains across the board. Not just in size, but in the way we view our city and how we treat its residents. Overall, we have a lot on our plate. It’s overwhelming to think about all the changes we face and to figure out where to begin. As we trudge through the muck of 2020, we simply need patience to move forward.

All change takes patience, but how we tolerate adversity without upset will show our true colors as a city. Lexington is an amazing community with a vibrant past and an exciting future. We have to build on the foundation of our ancestors and look forward to a new city that is inclusive and celebrates the lives of all who call Lexington home. I am a native Lexingtonian and have seen exponential changes over the last few decades. While some changes have been unsettling, I am excited and patiently waiting for what the future of our great city holds.

Whitney Elliott Baxter is a native of South Lexington and works as a realtor. The 9th Council District of Lexington is comprised of a portion of Clemens Heights/Clemens Grove, and Copper Run, Copperfield, Higbee Mill, Magnolia Run, Monticello, Pickway Corner, Pinnacle, Plantation, Robinwood, Southpoint, Stone Creek, Stonewall Community, Stonewall Equestrian, Wellington, Willow Bend, Willow Oak, Wyndham Downs, Wyndham Meadows, and Wyndham Ridge neighborhoods.

The 9th District includes Jessie Clark Middle School, Stonewall Elementary, Wellington Elementary, Shillito Park, Wellington Park, Stonewall Park, Higbee Mill Park, Clemens Park, Southpoint Park, Waverly Park, Waveland Museum, Fayette Mall, Lexington Green, and Fire Station #15.

This essay appears on page 11 of the January 2021 print edition of ace magazine.

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