Lexington Vegan Week kicks off in January 2021

Lexington Vegan Week kicks off in January 2021

January 2021 kicks off with Lexington Vegan Week.

The first annual Lexington Vegan Week is happening on January 4 through January 10. Several local restaurants plan to offer special vegan menu items along with a few DIY demos as part of this week long event.

Photo courtesy of Smithtown Seafood

“Although we really appreciate the efforts of folks to include vegetarian or vegan foods into Lexington’s popular food weeks, it was never the focus,” says Sarabeth Brownrobie, founder of Lexington Vegan Week. “We knew that local restaurants have always had creative vegan dishes on their menus, even if people didn’t think of them that way. We wanted to celebrate that and help diners discover a whole new way of eating.”

Participating restaurants and special menu items include:

  • Alfalfa
    • Vegan Breakfast Bowl (available Sat/Sun brunch only)
  • Blue Sushi Sake Grill
    • One Specialty Vegan Maki Roll and a bowl of Vegan Miso Soup for $10
  • Bourbon n’ Toulouse
    • Jackfruit BBQ Sandwich w/Coleslaw and a 1/2 order of Black Beans & Rice
  • Broomwagon
    • “Bánh V” Sandwich (Vegan Bánh Mi)
  • Corto Lima
    • 3 Cauliflower Al Pastor Tacos
  • ELIXIR Downtown
    • Spicy Potato Chimichanga stuffed Potato & Seasonal Veggies with Achoite and Coconut Cream, and Salsa Verde served with a Crunchy Cabbage and Herb Salad
  • FoodChain
    • 2 for 1 Salad Kit
  • Favor Kitchen
    • Roasted Winter Squash Stew with Jasmine Rice and Kimchi-Lentil Fritters
  • girlsgirlsgirls Burritos
    • It Ain’t Easy Being Green Burrito or Thai Peanut Bowl
  • Gluten Free Miracles
    • Vegan muffin box
  • Good Foods Co-op Cafe
    • $10 gets you a T.L.T. Sandwich and a Co-op Classic smoothie
  • Minton’s 760
    • Cauliflower Rendang with coconut rice
  • Moody Mike’s
    • Spicy Jamaican “Beef” Patties
  • North Lime Coffee & Donuts – Limestone Location
    • Vegan Cinnamon Rolls
  • Not Your Ordinary Vegan
    • Cheeseburger or BBQ Sandwich plate with fries
  • Smithtown Seafood
    • Mushroom Po’boy or “Tuna” Salad Wrap
  • The Social Vegan
    • Special Tasting Event on Saturday, January 9
  • Whole Foods Lexington
    • All-Out-Veggie Market Burger: plant-full patty features assorted veggies, black beans, oats, flax and sunflower seeds, with a side of skin-on sea salt fries
  • Zim’s Cafe
    • House-made falafel sandwich with hummus, bibb lettuce, and a cucumber, onion, tomato salad all on a vegan bun

Participating restaurants offer their vegan specials for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner; check with each individual establishment for when their special menu item is available.

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