Lexington historian Foster Ockerman Jr has died

Lexington historian Foster Ockerman Jr has died

Lexington attorney and historian Foster Ockerman, Jr. died December 4, 2022 at the age of 70.

He had served as chairman of the Kentucky Bar Association sections of Real Property and

 In House Counsel, and an officer of other sections. He was chairman of the American Bar Association’s Tax-Exempt Organizations Committee. As an attorney, he represented many public charities, foundations, and religious entities. In 2018, Ockerman was named Outstanding Citizen Lawyer by the Fayette County Bar Association.

Ockerman was the author of The New History of Lexington; the Hidden History of Horse Racing in Kentucky, and co-author of A History Lover’s Guide to Lexington and Central Kentucky. At the time of his death, he was researching and writing Kentucky’s Rocky Road to Statehood. Ockerman was also the historian for the Emmy Award winning documentary, Belle Brezing and the Gilded Age of the Bluegrass. 

Visitation is scheduled for Dec 15 2022 from noon to 3 pm at Lexington’s First United Methodist Church at 200 W. High.