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What happened to Lexington Diner 2023?

Lexington Diner announced via social media in March that the neighborhood restaurant on Lane Allen would “be closing its doors on March 19th. We would like to thank our guests who have supported us over the years. We have enjoyed being a part of the Lexington community, downtown, and in Gardenside neighborhood….We have shared many good times, food and drinks over the years. Thank you for spending so many of your special moments with us…” 
In 2018, the Diner relocated from downtown into the former location of Brasabana on Lane Allen Road, and transitioned to a joint venture between owner Karin West and the Azur Restaurant Group (who had also owned Brasabana).
Owner Karin West told fans that Lexington Diner gift certificates will be honored at Azur.
Rumors are circulating that a popular Hamburg area restaurant may open a second location in the Diner’s former space.

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