Founded in 1989, Ace is Lexington, Kentucky’s alt-weekly newspaper.

Advertise with Ace, in print and online, and reach the best and brightest demographic in Lexington, KY’s bluegrass region — readers who’ve been turning to Ace for more than two decades of the best curated, arts, culture, entertainment, news, and literary journalism in central Kentucky. Call or email today for an advertising needs assessment, ad schedules, ad deadlines, media kits, and agency rate cards.

Daily content at, and hourly content via Ace social media platforms.
The typical Ace Readers are:

– active, educated, and affluent

– in the 25 to 49 “acquiring years”

Ad sizes and specs for Ace print advertising.
Ad sizes and specs for Ace print advertising.

Pick a demographic:

  • they attend gigs and concerts — along with operas and symphonies.
  • they go to the movies, and they also go to the Theatre.
  • they buy sporting goods, and fine art; wine, beer, and bourbon.
  • they eat out an average of 3x a week (sometimes pizza, sometimes fine dining).

Ace has always reached the bluegrass region’s brightest, sharpest, most active, educated, affluent readers. (Like you!) Ace readers are influencers, on arts, culture, entertainment, music, movies, and Lexington’s food and drink scene.

ad sizes and specs for aceweekly online advertising, e-dition banners, and sponsored links.
ad sizes and specs for aceweekly online advertising, e-dition banners, and sponsored links.

The elusive/exclusive newsweekly niche

The Ace Readers are virtually immune to mainstream advertising.

  • they TiVo through commercials (if they watch TV at all)
  • they responsibly recycle junk-mail into the Rosie straight from the mailbox
  • they prefer iPods and internet to commercial radio
  • they’re more likely to turn to twitter and facebook than a Daily for a news update

But they turn to Ace and Ace online for reliability and credibility — for curated news, arts, entertainment, culture, and commentary.

Call Ace Advertising at 859.225.4889, x235 today to schedule your annual Ace Ad Plans in print and online advertising for the central Kentucky region, including online packages with e-dition ad plans, online cuisine scene restaurant directory placement, and sponsored links.

Whether it’s Boomers who’ve been reading Ace since that first day in 1989, natives, or visitors and transplants who’ve always trusted the vernacular of the alt-weekly newspaper in whatever market they’ve lived in — they all pick up an Ace (or click to it here) to find Lexington’s BEST options for how to spend their discretionary time and income.

Ace will never be junk-mailed to anyone’s house. No one will ever TiVo through your Ace commercials.

And we always use our media power for good (like funnel cakes), not Evil (Truthiness for Sale).

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