Blurfect. Not that I ain’t vain, but I’m remiss to call it...

Blurfect. Not that I ain’t vain, but I’m remiss to call it vanity press.

by Tread

microphone check…one, two, one two…is this thing…oh, can you hear me, okay good.

i’ve hinted at it a bit online and i’m just not that good at being coy. i’ve produced a little artist’s book. it’s called ‘blurfect.’ it’s not one of those Blurb or LuLu things that costs an arm or leg. think of it as like a zine with like nice paper and good photography. an artist’s book. all the kid’s are doing ‘em. well not the kids but the old people who make art, the kid’s—well, the kids are like texting right now, let’s not bother them.

it’s not meant to be my monograph or any retrospective or anything. it’s 36 black and white images collected over the past few years, here in Lexington and around these parts and put together in a somewhat cohesive manner with each image is loosely narrated by some thoughts…not much different than my blog really but you can hold it. it’s been professionally printed and saddle stitched (which is fancy talk for two staples in the middle). it’s on some nice paper too, an uncoated 100 lb. stock called Accent Opaque.

i made a trailer of sorts for the whole thang, see it here. you can also just search Vimeo or YouTube with the word ‘blurfect’ and end up there.

anyway, i made only 100 of these. they are $10. i’m also selling 25 of the 100 with a print. it’s of the above image which you may have seem before. you can get a limited, archival 4X4 print and ‘blurfect’ for $21. no matter which edition, they are numbered and signed. when they are gone, well, they are gone. i hope this will be the first of these kind of things. (stay tuned for uber-limited handmade ESPN UK Game Day photo album!) i have always loved zines and thanks to inspirational folk like Serps Press, Little Brown Mushroom, Seems Books and of course, good ol’ Ace Weekly—this finally came to be.

if you want to order online, just click here, it’s secure, paypal and all that. if you don’t want to do that, just drop me an email at tread (at) you can buy me a coffee or a beer and we can get this deal done. just make sure and compliment my sweater. If you just like to look at pictures online, visit my site at, just like your regular porn you can steal it for free.

by Tread