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Meet the White Coat Investor: Dr. Jim Dahle to speak at LMS Dinner Social

It’s not just doctors who’ve come to enjoy the White Coat Investor site, founded in 2011.

Dr. Jim Dahle, a practicing emergency physician, founded the White Coat Investor after he learned first hand that high income does not automatically equal wealth. He got to work becoming financially literate, and shared the knowledge as he went along.

In a recent podcast, Dahle talked with Dr. Darria Long about a pioneering study she’s done on burnout in women, as well as how she segued her career as an ER physician into a side hustle on national television.

A few of the “hills he’s willing to die on” include points like:

  • Financial planning makes you happier
  • Real wealth comes from making a lot of money, and saving a lot of money (maximize income; maximize saving)
  • Write down your investment plan
  • Pay cash and avoid debt


An early proponent of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early), Dahle became interested in personal finance and investing after becoming disillusioned with the way he was treated by several unscrupulous financial professionals.

In an effort to help his fellow physicians and other high-income professionals avoid the same errors, he started The White Coat Investor website in 2011. 

It grew into a blog, podcasts, books, newsletters, courses, and more. Common topics include student loans, side hustles for doctors and other high net worth individuals,  retirement planning, tax strategies, and how to design a budget.

The first book, The White Coat Investor: A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing, has remained a bestseller since publication in February 2014.

Dahle’s work has also been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, CNN, Medical Economics, Physician Money Digest, ACEP NOW, and Physician Practice. 6 pm, Signature Club, organized by Lexington Medical Society.

Dahle will be speaking at the Lexington Medical Society’s dinner social on Thursday March 21. Register and pay via Event Brite.

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