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Wrocklage Revisited: The Blueberries and Rebel tonight

Rebel, summer 2010, Thursday Night Live

The Blueberries will play at the Green Lantern tonight, Friday August 20 (3rd and Jefferson) in a Wrocklage-revisited kind of evening. They will be joined by Rebel without a Cause. Doors open at 8.

Bill Quinn says, 
 “the recently reunited Rebel has played on and off since 1986.  Their longest hiatus allowed each member of Rebel to make significant contributions  to Lexington’s original music scene in the late 80’s early 90’s.  Dave owned and operated the Wrocklage, and led Stranglmartin to a record deal, and several tours.  Scott toured with Parker Coleman and Baby-blue, John was in Two Small Bodies and founding member of Swifty, and Billy was a founding member of 10-Foot-Pole.  Rebel appeals to people who don’t usually like cover bands, maybe because of the left-of-center hits, maybe because they sound like an original band that plays covers, but probably because John Herzog is a creative front-man (once making a cake for a show), and Dave has nice thighs.”

photos courtesy Bill Quinn (right). Rebel, circa 80s

Rebel, circa 90s.

 Expect some Wrocklage reminiscing… about… Randall’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the Yonders; Soundgarden; Rabby Feeber; Resurrected Bloated Floaters; Vale of Tears; Tootie;  the early days of WRFL; Ted Bundy’s Volkswagen; Nine Pound Hammer; ; and too many others to count until we finally get around to that Wrocklage Retrospective.