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Where to Eat in Lexington, Kentucky: Campus, University of Kentucky

Ace archive photo of the O'Round by Clif Dickens

The University of Kentucky campus offers one of Lexington’s more eclectic dining corridors, serving up everything from greasy spoon fare to pizza to Korean barbecue and some of Lexington’s best burgers. This is the Campus segment of Ace’s ten part dining series (downtown, Chevy Chase, campuspopular breakfasts and brunch spotscoffeeinternational markets, beer guide, patios, etc) based on the 20+ years Ace writers and readers (not to mention UK interns) have been eating out in Lexington, Kentucky.

Goodfellas Pizzeria 333 S. Limestone 859.523.3353. Originally a downtown only shop, Goodfellas’ New York style pizza is now located on campus, tucked inside Two Keys Tavern. Big pies and big slices, the only way to efficiently consume one of their massive slices is through the classic New York “fold-in-half-over-paper-plate” technique, but you better cross your free hand’s fingers that you still don’t walk away stained. Goodfellas at Two Keys Tavern is open seven days a week from 11am-3pm with delivery service available until close.

Great Bagel 396 Woodland Ave., in University Plaza shopping center 859.258.2210. Locally owned with a wide assortment of bagels made fresh each day that can be ordered on their own or as breakfast and lunch bagel-sandwiches. Sometimes simple is best and the Cheese Toast bagel-sandwich is reassuringly delicious evidence of this. They brew Intelligentsia coffee that’s spot-on.

Han Woo Ri 371 S Limestone  859.258.2208. Located to the right of CD Central and just beneath Sqecial Media, is the best Korean restaurant in town. The Spicy Bul Go Gee—Korean Barbecue—is worth a trip along and Bi Bim Bab will satisfy the appetite of even the most ravenous eaters. Free hot green tea is available with all orders.

Joe Bologna’s 120 W. Maxwell Street, Lexington KY 859.252.4933. Pizza in a (former) Synagogue. Heavy circa 1970s red Italian style (the type found in a red-checkered tablecloth establishment, though those are missing here). Famed for the breadsticks as long as your arm, drenched in garlic butter (request Lipitor sprinkles on the side).

The Local Taco 315 S. Limestone Lexington KY 859.523.3700. Though we don’t include chains in the list, this Nashville implant is sneaking through. If you don’t have time to make it to Lexington’s authentic west side taquerias, this offers Mexican by way of the local food/Kentucky Proud movement. (You won’t be able to get BBQ on your taco on the west side.) Have a tot.

Ace Post Production O’Round – Photo by Clif Dickens


Lynagh’s 384 Woodland Ave 859.255.1292. Campus pub dive with Ace staff vote for favorite burger in town, the O’Round — big as your head, add bacon and cheese. Hold the mayo. Chips not fries. (Chips are not a side in our opinion, but what are you gonna do?) If you’re not a burger fan, try the T n A (add B), or the BLT (add A). Popular beer cheese.  The (relatively) new owners have updated and upgraded the beer delivery system. Lexington’s been smoke-free for years, but the tobacco-residue still lingers in the air at Lynagh’s.

Pazzo’s 385 S. Limestone Lexington KY 859.255.5125.  Famous for Wednesday pint night and vast beer selection.  Allow plenty of time to accommodate service. Garden of Eatin’ and pesto pizzas are favorites among the Ace writers. Patio seating out front looks out onto the main UK drag.

Sav’s Grill 304 South Limestone 859.368.7287. How many places in Lexington have goat and fufu—plantain based dumplings—on their menu? Not many but Sav’s does and both are great. There is also a selection of domestic and imported beers (don’t you dare go domestic!). Plus the owner is one of the nicest guys around.

Tin Roof   303 S. Limestone Lexington KY 859.317.9111. Popular with students for bar, big screens, and entertainment, this Nashville-grown outlet at the corner of S. Limestone and Maxwell has also been the site of some of Lexington’s largest NCAA celebrations, and a tech laboratory or two.

Tolly Ho    606 S. Broadway Relocated from its Limestone campus location, its new home is on S. Broadway near the Reynolds Building (another UK tradition). There’s no more famous/infamous midnight fried egg and cheddar tot post binge diner dive fare. There’s a facebook group dedicated to “I’ve been drunk at the Ho,” and if you haven’t been before, expect a certain amount of attention as a “Ho Virgin.” Oatmeal has been added to the Menu in the new location, presumably for the Healthy Ho in you.


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