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What is an Ace Internship and How to Apply

Ace Interns typically arrive at the Apprentice level, usually at the equivalent of Junior or Senior year in college, with a baseline proficiency in their program or area of study. At completion, they are functioning at the expert level.

Ace Intern Alums are working everywhere from Nashville and New York to San Francisco and Seattle. Some live right here in Lexington, Kentucky.  They are successful editors, writers, web developers, art directors, and designers. Most are in the business of producing both art and media, in both the for profit and non profit sectors, in a wide array of formats.

Successful Ace interns have come from the University of Kentucky, Transylvania University, Centre College, and KCTCS/ BCTC to name a few. Departments and programs include but are not limited to journalism, English, multimedia, library science, graphic design, and computer science/engineering school.
Editorial, graphic design, web/digital, and advertising internships require a supervising faculty adviser for prospective class credit, and require a time commitment of 16 – 20 hours a week. Office hours are completed in one of Ace’s two offices, but additional deadline work arises nights and weekends to accommodate 24/7 news cycles (just like in real life)!

Although each internship has a Focus (design, editorial, web/digital, and marketing/advertising/promotional), all internships are multidisciplinary, multimedia internships, and may include but are not limited to: fact checking; research; posting web content and photos; archiving; layout and design; reporting; assembling and writing listings; reviews; live blogging; photography; transcribing; and both print and web production. All interns work in WordPress daily; graphic design interns must be proficient in InDesign. Advertising and promotions interns must be proficient in all social media channels.

InternsWantedInternships, which are unpaid, require a minimum one-semester commitment to ensure each student completes the internship program with maximum professional and academic development. Prospective interns should identify a faculty supervisor who will oversee academic development throughout the internship.

Submit your resume, links to any published clips, and the name of your prospective faculty advisor to editor@aceweekly.com. Include your proposed focus in the subject line (editorial, web, and/or graphic design).