Ace Picks: Lexington KY Calendar Oct 11 thru 18, 2012

Ace Picks: Lexington KY Calendar Oct 11 thru 18, 2012



Ace’s highly curated and selective list of Ace Picks for the next eight days in the beautiful bluegrass region of Lexington is available at every Thursday, and delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning via the Ace e-dition (click here to subscribe).


All eyes will be on Danville, Kentucky as Centre College hosts the Vice Presidential debate, the Thrill in the Ville II. Tickets? Forget about it. But there is a Festival outside on the lawn and it includes Kentucky fave Ben Sollee.

And we will have live coverage for you, from on site at the Debate in Danville, at


There’s a lot of simultaneous action happening downtown Friday night, which means you’ll need to plan traffic patterns accordingly.

First up, is the launch party for Civic Rush, a new Lexington “web-based platform that connects users to causes and organizations.” (Lexington’s Oh My Me is playing, by the way, and we really think they’re a band to watch. It’s not just us: Paste Magazine says so too.) It’s at Cheapside Square Pavilion, putting it squarely in the eye of the traffic storm that is known as Madness. Is it crazy to fill up Rupp Arena for a basketball practice? Well, that kinda talk didn’t build eight NCAA championships, Mister. Go sell that nonsense in Indiana.

Over in Frankfort, Henry Rollins is on a 50-city spoken word tour called Capitalism, which just might be the perfect followup to last night’s vice presidential debate in Danville.

And you can end the evening at Buster’s, with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.


Up early? Author and activist Fenton Johnson (a longtime Ace fave) is teaching “Read Like a Writer” at the Carnegie Center.

It’s been a big week for civic engagement in Kentucky; keep the momentum rolling with the LFUCG Candidate Forum at the Lexington Public Library.

It’s tough to try to keep both basketball and baseball in mind simultaneous — such a jarring of the seasonal order –but resident Ace baseball expert Brian Gardner says Richey Nash’s movie, Hitting the Cycle, is a baseball movie that’s not just about baseball. And it’s playing all weekend at the Kentucky Theatre (and only this weekend – limited engagement.)

Lexington Art League’s Reverse Raffle is now “The 200.”


Sunday could make for a nice leisurely drive (Court Days in Mount Sterling or the Kentucky Guild Fall Fair in Berea), but if you’re the more active type, Second Sunday happens out on the Legacy Trail, or you could try Dance Blue’s 5k starting at Commonwealth Stadium.

Serious runners have already committed to Sunday’s Iron Horse Half in Midway…but you start now, you could be ready for next year’s.

Lexington’s Jewish Film Series continues with Father’s Footsteps at UK, and the chandelier will crash one more time when UK Opera Theatre presents Phantom at the Lexington Opera House.


This year the Lauren K. Weinberg Humanitarian Awards will be open to the public, at the Plantory.

Meanwhile, Lunafest, at the Kentucky Theatre, will benefit another great cause, Lexington’s Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program.


Lexington’s Headley-Whitney Museum organizes Art After Hours and this month they visit the Sisophromatem Art Foundation.


Don’t you love Thursday Night Live? Especially when it first opens for the season… when all the downtown girls spend four hours getting ready for work that day, strapping on their four-inch stilettos, carefully picking out their classic Keeneland attire, and logging a full day’s artful applications to hair and makeup, just so they can show up at Cheapside Pavilion at 5, and ask, without any apparent guile, “Thursday Night Live? Oh, is that today? Well, this is just what I threw on for work, so I thought I might as well walk over…”  Well. It’s winding down for the season. Tonight’s band is the Payback. We could reminisce about their scenester legacy, but really: go for the girls. Before someone puts them away for the Winter.

And weren’t we just talking about Oh My Me? Yes we were. Tonight: Green Lantern.


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Lexington, Kentucky Music Listings
OCTOBER 11 – OCTOBER 18, 2012

Rooster’s Crow | Todd Fuller 9 pm, Al’s Bar
Tribulators 8 pm, The Attic
Monika Herzig Trio 7 pm, Central Branch Public Library
Blind Corn Liquor Pickers 5 pm, Thursday Night Live, Cheapside Park
Montezuma’s Fire Machine | The Past | This Season’s Color 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Ampline | Mad Anthony | Alone at 3am | Hotel War 8 pm, Green Lantern
The Gibson Brothers 8 pm, Natasha’s
Randy Houser 7 pm, Tin Roof

ZuhG | This Season’s Color | Absalom, Absalom | Blue Jay | Ryan Haris 9 pm, Al’s Bar
The Throwbacks 9.30, Bigg Blue Martini
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic 9 pm, Buster’s
Brandon Holder, The Cellar
Oh My Me | Nemo Achida | The Matt Duncan Band 8 pm, Cheapside Park
Craigstock East 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
The Asylum Gypsies Surf Band | Yellowbelts | Onward Pilgrim 10 pm, Green Lantern
C2 11 pm, Lynagh’s
Crazy Janie 9 pm, Squires Tavern
NewTown 5 pm, Willie’s Locally Known

Brickhouse Blend | Analog Apostles | Fuzzwood 10 pm, Al’s Bar
The Throwbacks 9.30, Bigg Blue Martini
Ben Lacy, The Cellar
Bloodroots Barter | The Swells 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Idiot Glee/Wol and the Weeps/Italian Beaches,
Green Lantern
Goodnight Linda 11 pm, Lynagh’s
The Bats 8 pm, Natasha’s
Freddie and the Cruegers, Southside Pub
Rick Huckaby 9 pm, Willie’s Locally Known

Samantha Crain | The Hudson Branch | Reva Williams
10 pm, Al’s Bar
Relic Delic 11 pm, Lynagh’s

The Full Body Tones 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Ben Taylor | Von Grey 6.45 pm, Woodsongs,
Kentucky Theatre
Marshall Hood 9 pm, Natasha’s

Jovantaes | The Silver Tongues | Crys 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Tom Green 8 pm, Natasha’s

Republik Steele 7 pm, Red Barn Radio, ArtsPlace
Papadosio 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Melody Walker and Jacob Groopman | Julia Knight | Danny Flanigan 8 pm, Natasha’s
Eli Young Band 7 pm, Tin Roof

Hurley Ridge 8 pm, Al’s Bar
Bad People 10 pm, The Attic
Corey Kenton 10 pm, Austin City Saloon
Here Come the Mummies! 9 pm, Buster’s
The Payback 5 pm, Thursday Night Live, Cheapside Park
Paul Burch and the WPA Ballclub 10 pm, Cosmic Charlie’s
Vince Gill 8 pm, EKU Center, Richmond
Thunderhawk | Red Measure | Oh My Me | The Bleats
9 pm, Green Lantern
The Kentucky Hoss Cats 7 pm, Willie’s Locally Known

Al`s Bar 601 Limestone St 859.252.9104
ArtsPlace 161 N. Mill Street
The Attic Bar 2628 Richmond Rd. 859.268.0332
Atomic Café 265 Limestone St. 859-254-1969
Austin City Saloon 2350 Woodhill Drive 859.266.6891
Bar Lexington: 373 East Main St. 859-523-7694
Bigg Blue Martini 369 W. Vine St. 859.231.9000
Black Box Theater 141 E. Main St. 859.225.0370
Bogart`s at Crowne Plaza 1375 S. Broadway 859.255.4281
Buster`s Billiards & Backroom 899 Manchester St. 859.368.8871
Campus Pub 393 Waller Ave 859.231.0957
The Cellar 3256 Lansdowne Drive 859.317.8301
Cheapside 131 Cheapside 859.254.0046
Chevy Chase Inn 833 East Euclid Ave. 859.266.9422
Common Grounds 343 E. High St. 859.233.9761
Coffee Times Coffee House: 2571 Regency Rd.

Cosmic Charlie`s 388 Woodland Ave. 859.309.9499
Giuseppe`s: 4456 Nicholasville Rd. 859-272-4269
Grapevine 4101 Tates Creek Rd. 859.273.7788
Green Lantern 497 W. Third St. 859.252.9539
Henry Clay’s Public House 112 N. Upper Street
Horse and Barrel at DeSha`s 101 N. Broadway 859.259.3771
The Julep Cup 111 Woodland Ave 859-226-0300
Kentucky Theatre 214 East Main Street 859.231.6997

Land of Tomorrow 527 E. Third Street
Lynagh`s Irish Pub 384 Woodland Ave. 859.255.1292
Malibu Pub and Grill 239 Surfside Dr. 859.278.9003
Natasha`s 112 Esplanade 859.259.2754
O`Neill`s Irish Pub 2051 Richmond Rd. 859.266.4488
Parlay Social 257 W. Short Street
The Secret Bar and Grill 841 Lane Allen Road

Shamrocks Bar and Grill154 N. Patchen Dr. 859.269.7621
ShowMe’s Restaurant: 1973 Bryant Rd. – 859-317-8625
Southside Pub 3650 Boston Rd. 859.223.4775
Squires Tavern 3429 Buckhorn Dr. 859.317.8887
Tee Dee’s Club 266 E Second St 859.335.8440
Tin Roof 303 S. Limestone St. 859.317.9111
Two Keys Tavern 333 S. Limestone St. 859.254.5000
Vue 201 E. Main Street, 15th Floor
Willie’s Locally Known 805 N. Broadway