Lexington’s Big Ass Fans on American Chopper

Lexington’s Big Ass Fans on American Chopper

Tonight’s episode of American Chopper on Discovery chronicled the crew’s recent visit to Lexington, Kentucky, and Paul, Sr.’s unveiling of the Big Ass Fans bike at the Lexington company’s R&D campus on Jaggie Fox.

Big Ass Fans had installed “some industrial fans in the shop,” so the OCC crew “built them an old-school chopper, sort of a retro Indian with a knucklehead motor,” along with footboards “made from the actual fan blades.”

Paul, Sr. says, “I was actually glad that we incorporated some of the fan pieces into the bike….It’s a pretty cool looking throwback from the bikes in the 40s and the 50s.”  After a test ride, another crew member said it “could be an everyday rider, or a weekend warrior.”

Carey Smith, Big Ass Fans president, characterized it as “a big day for Big Ass Fans… This whole ideas is attributable to our employee suggestion program,” adding that the bike was “much, much more than I anticipated.”

The Fast and Loud guys “hang around for awhile”


Big Ass Irony at Lexington’s airport. 01.2009

Big Ass Fans’ Carey and Nancy Smith, Power Couple 2.09.2012