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Photos: SITE Opens at Lexington Art League

The Lexington Art League celebrated the opening of SITE, a week long installation exhibition featuring five artists who’d each reinvented a room at the Art League’s Loudoun House.

Mick Jeffries scored the sound for the installation.

Art fans were able to tour the house, meet the artists, and pick up maps for the offSITE component of the installation (which features mini-exhibits around town, like Pat Gerhard’s installation outside Third Street Stuff, “the other Others.”

Artist/designer Blake Eames (Lexington) created a mural for the Art League’s central hall,  “THE GIANT LOOK BOOK OF EXPLODING DANDELIONS {…its all for you and now in full color}.”

Vermont artist Alisa Dworsky’s installation, Inside Out: Open Form 1, was inspired by tent and kite construction.

“Artchitectonic Onslaught” was Liz Miller’s tactile installation in shades of black, white, and tan.

Chee Wang Ng’s 360 Walks of Life Labyrinth offered visual plays on “Made in China.”

Jason Paradis’s Lexington Kaleidoscope offered paintings based on star formations, plotted with an iPhone app and transferred to canvases inside the studio, that would be representative of the constellations viewed from the gallery, anchored by a pile of stones (hearth/ home/ burial mound) at the center of the room.

For the followup event, offSite, click here. (This gallery also appears on page 14 of the June 13, 2013 print edition of Ace.)

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