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Ace’s Twitter Guide to Forecastle 2013

Music lovers know that the key to a good music festival is staying plugged in — GaGa might scale the fence to get in; Deer Tick might do an unannounced pop-up set outside the mist tent — but without sacrificing the immediacy and immersion of the moment.

Social media (notably twitter and instagram) will be your ally at this weekend’s Forecastle Festival 2013 in Louisville. For example, Animal Collective announced (six hours ago) that they can’t make it.

Festivals are fluid.

Here’s a sampling of must follows for the weekend:

When he’s not masquerading as Justin Bieber and taking on the Beliebers, Patrick Carney (Black Keys) is one of the consistently most entertaining presences on social media. On instagram, he is OfficerPatrickCarney. On twitter, follow him at @patrickcarney.

Follow Old Crow Medicine Show at @crowmedicine.

Bob Mould’s people are at @BobMouldMusic (the verified @BobMould account no longer tweets).

@Alabama_Shakes is re-tweeting @O_Magazine on how Brittany Howard is living her best life, and their upcoming LA show.

The Avett Brothers are at @theavettbros.

The Flaming Lips are at @TheFlamingLips.

Night Beds’ crew tweets at @NightBeds.

Big Boi is @BigBoi.

Purity Ring is at @Purity_Ring

Ace will be covering Forecastle 2013 Live, via Twitter, Instagram, and Vine (follow @aceweekly).