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Harlan County Native on ‘The Voice’ Wows The Judges

Harlan County, Kentucky native Jordan Smith, 22, wowed the judges on NBC’s The Voice Monday night, performing Sia’s “Chandelier”.

The Kentuckian elicited standing ovations from the judges, all of whom turned their chairs around, meaning they wanted him on their team. Gwen Stefani even ran up to Smith and and hugged him on-stage immediately after his powerful performance. The other judges were taken aback as well, Adam Levine even saying that he thought that Jordan was the most important person to have ever been on the show.

Country musician Blake Shelton was the first to turn his chair around, followed by producer and singer-songwriter Pharrell, singer and performer Gwen Stefani, and finally, Levine (best known as the vocalist of Maroon 5).

Smith ultimately chose to be on Levine’s team.

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