MetroNet Activates Service in Lexington, KY

MetroNet Activates Service in Lexington, KY

Mayor Jim Gray, along with the 9th District Councilmember Jennifer Mossotti, MetroNet executives, and the first MetroNet customers were present to officially open the company’s retail location on West Tiverton Way, and to activate a 100% fiber optic network that, upon completion, will make Lexington the nation’s largest gigabit city.

Mayor Jim Gray’s fiber optic initiative began in 2014. The activation of MetroNet’s fiber optic network makes good on his promise to establish the best infrastructure for phone, television, and internet services in Lexington. Gray maintains that this development is essential in stimulating economic growth, creating  jobs, and increasing competition in the city.

100% fiber optic network can carry an unlimited amount of data across glass-fiber cables. A gigabit speed connection is capable of downloading a 90-minute high definition movie in approximately 30 seconds, as opposed to 30 minutes over a cable-wire connection.

MetroNet Lexington Construction Map

MetroNet began construction in Lexington in January 2018. A construction map on their website provides an overview of active and under construction areas (pictured right). The areas in green are active areas, yellow means under construction, and blue represents future areas for construction.

Currently, only a small fraction of Lexington customers can purchase MetroNet internet, as the company continues to build its network throughout the city.

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