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What Happened to Lexington Beerworks

On October 19, 2018 Lexington Beerworks posted on facebook, “Lexington Beerworks is permanently closed. Thank you for your support over the last 6 years!” Though the move had apparently been in the works for awhile, the news still appeared to surprise a few of their 14,000+ FB fans and the occasional staffer who appeared to discover the info via the post.

In September of 2017, owners announced that the Beerworks Homebrew store would be closing, and that “everything has to go to make room for our next project for the bar (stay tuned).”

Opening in 2012, Lexington Beerworks was the first brewery in Lexington to invite food trucks to their lot, expanding in 2013 to add their own kitchen and menu. Chris Campbell interviewed the owners for a 2013 ace feature about their midweek mashup, writing, “While Beerworks isn’t brewing their own beers, they are literally putting their own flavor on an amazingly fast growing industry that has caught fire in Lexington.”

The space at 213 N. Limestone is now available for lease.

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