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Meet Lexington’s Food News and Chews Radio

Ace Eats Out with Food News and Chews Radio


Food News and Chews Radio began three years ago when Chef Jeremy Ashby and Sylvia Lovely combined their common interests, talents and ownership of Azur Food Group to launch a weekly food radio show. 

The radio show focuses on delivering serious food news in a fun way. Topics and discussions range from the region’s most recent openings and closings to the analysis of food culture and recipes. 

Chef Jeremy Ashby of Azur and Sylvia Lovely reading Ace Weekly

Lovely believes Ashby and her both have “rich experiences in telling the story.” As a writer and speaker, she strongly believes that we learn through stories. “It is the one thing we all do; food as a convener is legendary,” says Lovely.

Food News and Chews is set up the same from week to week: a guest comes on for the first half followed by recipes and food news for the second half. Special contests and features are done occasionally. For instance, when Save-A-Lot came on to discuss the secret ingredient in their beloved fried chicken. 

Featured guests vary from local chefs, iconic figures, and some of the heaviest hitters in Lexington’s culinary scene. Fun segments include an Ace Eats Out feature, “What’s in stuff that’s not supposed to be,” Sylvia’s food mishaps (that time she made lasagna without the noodles), restaurant rumors, wellness food trends (do we really need to be that worried about gluten), and much more.

Along with Ashby and Lovely, the show features Tony “Twitch” Longo (103.3 Z-rock) as a co-host and Norma Taylor as Program Director. Current sponsors of the show are Sullivan University and Alltech.

“There is something magical about talking about food. Allowing the images of food to be conjured in the minds of listeners is far more powerful than being hand fed images requiring no imagination,” says Lovely.

Lovely and Chef Ashby are two of the four owners of Azur Food Group, which includes Azur and Lexington Diner. Chef Ashby is the Executive Chef of Azur, and while Lovely may not have a background as a chef, she’s been active in Lexington’s culinary scene as a part owner of Azur Food Group since 2006. 

As to what Food News and Chews Radio brings to the local culinary scene, Lovely believes people will learn something. From its start, the radio show’s purpose has always been to give listeners an opportunity to learn more about food related topics in a fun way.

With familiarity in the local culinary scene, Lovely believes it’s missing a feeling of pride and fellowship that brings us all together to make Lexington one of the great restaurant towns. But that is a goal of Food News and Chews Radio, to help bring that spirit to the community. 

Food News and Chews Radio airs every Saturday from 1-2 pm on WVLK 590AM, but the podcasts can be found online that following Monday at WVLKam.com.

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