Home Food Jeremy Ashby of Azur preps for Lexington Restaurant Week 2019

Jeremy Ashby of Azur preps for Lexington Restaurant Week 2019

Behind the Scenes

with Chef Jeremy Ashby at Azur

By Kristina Rosen

Chef Jeremy preps Fried Chicken Lo Mein Kee Mow, one of the dishes he’s cooking up at Azur for Lexington Restaurant Week

The dish features wok fired lo mein noodles and crispy fried chicken topped with basil, tomatoes and haricot vert, and finished with crushed peanuts, rice sticks and mango salsa.

Jeremy Ashby was one of the chefs featured in our Fridges of Fayette County: A Lexington Chef Series Sequel, a “searing expose” where prominent Lexington chefs share what Lexington needs, and their take on the spirited debate between sweet or savory cornbread.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Ashby is co-owner and a part of Azur Food Group, Azur Restaurant & Patio, and Lexington Diner.

When asked to name his favorite restaurant in the world, he admits it is Azur, which he’s owned since 2007.

“I know it sounds like a cop-out answer, but imagine you got to dictate (create, cook and eat) the food at YOUR favorite restaurant. I get to do that and I can’t wait to show you why it’s my favorite.”

The rest of Azur’s special menu and the full guide to the 2019 Lexington Restaurant Week can be found here.

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